Lighting the Way — Winter Solstice, 2010


December 31, 2010

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, today and tomorrow we will experience an unusual and powerful alignment of the Earth, Sun, and Moon during the Winter Solstice.  I am writing to send information for those who may not know about the powerful lunar eclipse tonight (Monday).

Winter Solstice is the moment of the longest night in the wheel of the year, and is exact tomorrow on Tuesday Dec 21, 3:38 pm PST.   The Winter Solstice is when the earth reaches the outermost limit of its elliptic around the sun and begins its return, so that each day after this we have just a bit more light. For us as Earth creatures, the Winter Solstice is a portal moment, an ending, a beginning of a new solar year, the deepest darkness, birth and fecundity, the seeding of things, and that moment of the beginning to turn towards new light, an entirely new cycle.

This year, there will also be a Full Moon on the Winter Solstice, exact just after midnight tonight, Tuesday December 21, 2010, 12:15 am PST.  A full moon generally means the culmination of things, the realization of intentions, the release of what has occurred, and a movement towards what comes next.  The last time a Full Moon occurred on the Winter Solstice was December 1999.

And to emphasize the extraordinary times in which we live, there will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse tonight Monday Dec 20, which will be at its peak at the full moon at 12:17 am PST, just after midnight.  The entire Eclipse event will last over three hours, beginning tonight Dec 20 at 10:33 pm PST and ending at 2:00 am Tues Dec 21.  If the skies are clear (which is uncertain!), the Lunar Eclipse will be visible all throughout North America. During a total lunar eclipse, the full moon passes directly through the earth’s shadow, blocking the sun’s light. Some indirect sunlight will still manage to pierce through and give the moon an eerie reddish color.

For those of you who have seen a lunar eclipse, you know it is incredible — slowly the full moon appears to be “eaten” by a shadow which moves over it so that we watch it move through all its phases from full to crescent to completely dark moon—and then emerge again. Since the skies this week are filled with seasonal rains the Lunar Eclipse may not be visible (though the weather does clear during storms, so we won’t know until it comes.) But in any case, whether it is directly viewed or not, the impact is the same.  People who study these things tell us that a lunar eclipse only emphasizes and deepens the strong energies of a full moon.

Astrologer Jim Sher writes that this Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse “has the potential to bring out deep, radical, cathartic emotions which will lead to much greater clarity in the long run. Whatever happens now allows us to end an old cycle in preparation for a new one to begin. It also will square Jupiter and Uranus, so there will be shocks and surprises.”  The new solar year at the Winter Solstice will take up, birth, and hold these energies.

What I have written here is just one aspect of many profound shifts which are going on in the stunning, ever-dancing, intelligent and elegant cosmos right now.  Like our ancient ancestors who looked to the skies to understand the energies in which they lived, I am deeply grateful to the astrologers who know how to read the planets and the stars and bring us news from the gorgeous universe.  I bow to them and thank them, for the planetary energies are indeed strong and intense now.  From reading these astrologers, there is a kind of “Hold onto your hats” aspect to the coming days, months and next few years.  We are in for a transformative ride.

What I take from that is that as we enter this portal day, this new solar year, this is a moment to be aware that the tides are strong, the storm is deep, and things are shifting.  You are shifting, even if you do not wish it.  I invite us all to take a moment to be still, to meditate over these next few days, to listen deeply, to write, to create, to sleep and dream, to write down the dreams, to listen to the forms that are edging into the light within you and asking to be found.  We are being asked to flow into the new time, changed.

I send love and blessings.  I am writing at 6:30 am, and it is still deep dark outside.  We are indeed in the thickness of it.

May the Winter Solstice help to carry you home.  And may these energies help to guide and heal us all, on behalf of the earth, the animals and all beings  —


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