Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories by Women

Sisters Singing

Edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn, Foreword by Deena Metzger

Sisters Singing is a fresh, vibrant, and intimate exploration of contemporary women’s spiritual lives. This inspiring collection contains poetry, prayers and stories from more than 100 writers, as well as beautiful artwork and a section of original music notated for voice and instruments. These luminous works unveil spirituality as it is lived and experienced by women today, in daily life, human relationships, mothering, meditation and prayer, as well as connections with the earth and the ancestors, culminating with prayers for peace and for the world. Edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn, designed and published by Jane Nyberg at Wild Girl Publishing, and copy-edited and managed by Melody Culver, Sisters Singing  is a true offering from the heart and soul.



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Praise for Sisters Singing

I plan to keep Sisters Singing in arm’s reach for at least the next year. Congratulations on this fine work.”

                                                    – Maya Angelou

“This magical book is a well of blessings.  Sit beside it, let down your bucket.  Open it anywhere and you will hear their voices.  Your sisters are singing, praying, murmuring stories, telling us, in a thousand ways, what we most need to know: that we belong to each other and to the living Earth.”                   Joanna Macy, author World as Lover, World as Self

“As I read Sisters Singing I felt my soul change. In the midst of so much planetary uncertainty I suddenly felt safe. I felt peace welling up and spreading out. If you read Sisters Singing, I predict that you too will find yourself flipping back to the biographies every few pages out of gratitude for such full-throated, woman-generated spiritual vision. These Sisters sing forth a world-changing wisdom.”                         —Brian Swimme, author, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

“Women have been waiting many generations for this inspired and far-ranging collection to accompany rituals, ceremonies, and meditations. A book as graceful as it is generous, SistersSinging offers the music of stories, prayers, and poemsa call to sacred community.”Brenda Peterson, author, Sisters Stories and coeditor, Face to Face: Women Writers on Faith, Mysticism, and Awakening

“Sisters Singing is a treasure trove to dip into as part of a morning meditation practice, or to give to a loved one as part of a greater spiritual conversation. This book is a great gathering of ordinary women living in extraordinary awareness of the beauty and danger of our times.”Alison Luterman, author of The Largest Possible Life

“Praises for Sisters Singing! This beautiful collection of poetry, song and prayer draws deeply from contemporary and ancient female wisdom. These offerings invite us to experience the power of song, poetry and art to open the heart, strengthen our communities and transform ourselves and the world. A profoundly embodied and nature-centered spiritual handbook for use in private prayer and meditation, community celebrations, rituals, ceremonies and gatherings of friends and family. Jennifer Berezan, singer-composer, “Praises for the World”

February 2009. Wild Girl Publishing