Writing to Feed the Soul

Carolyn has taught ongoing writing groups, residential retreats and writing intensives called Writing to Feed the Soul since 1997. The focus of her work is the generation of new writing drawn from the soul and psyche, as well as insightful editing and the development of new and ongoing writing projects. Writers often find that a new voice emerges, and that their work goes deeper. Carolyn brings people together in a unique atmosphere of witness: deep listening, insightful feedback, and an eye to the continued unfolding of the writer and the truest spirit of her work.




NEW! Carolyn is teaching for Summer 2018 for the first time in many years.


Thursday Evening, 6:00 – 10:00 pm
The Thursday Bi-Monthly Writing Group will meet in July and September (no meeting in August).  Summer session fee is $250.    Dates: July 5 & 19, September 6 & 20

These inspiring, productive and generative writing groups meet twice a month. We begin with time for writers to bring in and read work, providing a vital space for deep witness and insightful feedback.  This is followed by a circle writing together.  Carolyn offers prompts, poetry and questions of soul as a springboard for new and enlivened writing. Participants then read their work in a safe and vibrant circle. Writers find over time that they have produced a dynamic new body of work. Hot tea and healthy snacks are available.  See calendar below for schedule.  Group is limited to eight writers.  Fee: $125/month, or $375 quarter (reduced for Summer 2018 session, see above.) 

Saturday Monthly Group, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm pm
Summer Session will meet July 21, Aug 24, September 22.  Summer fee is $270.

This vibrant and productive mini-retreat meets once a month. We begin with time for writers to read work, then a brief brown bag lunch together, followed by writing circle to explore new themes, questions and voices. As always, Carolyn offers prompts, poetry and questions of soul as a springboard for new writing. Please bring along a light and nutritious meal to keep yourself nourished. Hot tea and healthy snacks are  available.  See calendar below for schedule.  Group is limited to eight writers. Fee: $90/month, or $270 quarterly

 Writing Intensives    9:30 – 4:00 pm 
Summer Session Friday Intensive: July 13, August 24, September 28
Summer Session Saturday Intensive:  July 7, September 8 (no meeting in August)

These day-long Intensives are for writers who want to delve into a project, book, poetry collection, blog, essay, story or a writerly theme.  We begin with a morning circle to read work and receive feedback, then break for silent working time and lunch.  We then gather later in the day for a second circle for sharing and feedback. Over time, writers find that their body of work takes startling leaps. We meet at a private residence, with room to spread out comfortably with laptops and paperwork.  Carolyn offers as-needed consultations during the day. Lunch is brown bag.  Two Intensives each meet once a month, on Fridays or Saturdays.  See calendar below for schedule.   Group limited to six writers.  Fee: Sign-ups are on a quarterly basis.  $125/month or $375 for the quarter. Summer Session 2018 for the Saturday Intensive is $250, due to no meeting in August.


REGISTRATION FOR ONGOING GROUPS AND INTENSIVES IS QUARTERLY.   Quarters are:  October-December, January-March,  April-June, and July-September.  Payment is due for the quarter at the first meeting.  Monthly payments are fine.  Please note that participants are responsible for their quarterly spot whether or not they are able to attend each meeting.


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Individual Consultations

Carolyn offers individual conferences with writers and those seeking to pursue questions of writing, creativity, life and spirit.  She works directly with writing and editing, manuscript organization, poetry collections and helping to bring writing projects to fruition.  She also works with writers on issues soul and spirit at the essence of creativity. Please contact her for more information.