Spring Equinox Retreat 2018



Spring Equinox Writing Retreat


with Carolyn Brigit Flynn


Saturday, March 24, 2018   9:30 am – 8:00 pm

Amity Cottage & Redwood Amphitheater,  Ben Lomond, CA

We will immerse ourselves in a day of Balance, when light and dark hours are equal.

Using language, poetry and interaction with the natural world, we will write the song of

our bodies, our hearts, our ancestors, our animal & plant kin, and the Earth herself.

Writing is a path that can lead us into both the inner and the outer worlds.  At its best, we are led in both directions simultaneously: to deep seeing, witness, and interaction with our all our relations – trees, plants, flowers, bees, hawks, deer, squirrels, foxes, spiders of our wildly diverse and stunningly beautiful world.  As we encounter the actual Earth, we find we travel most deeply inward, to our most authentic, needed and transformative selves.

In an ancient grove of redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we will allow ourselves to quiet into Balance, and to listen to the wisdom of the Earth and her spirits.  We will spend the day and evening writing, and emerge with new knowledge to guide us into a renewed cycle of life, as Earth is coming fully into Spring and humanity approaches a new era.

This retreat is open to men, women and all gender identities.  Partners and spouses who would like to experience Carolyn’s teaching are welcome.

 Cost, Meals & Registration:  $185    Vegetarian dinner included, and refreshments & healthy snacks all day long. Please bring brown bag lunch.  To enroll, send an email to Carolyn.

“Carolyn combines a passion for the craft of writing with the sympathetic ear of a bartender and the soulful insight of a shaman, in a way that makes her a powerful guide. Add her attention to detail, talent for organization, gift for creating community along with a ready laugh, and you have a potent combination!”  Mary Camille Thomas, Santa Cruz, CA

Redwood Amphitheater

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