A Day of Writing and Renewal







Saturday, April 28, 2018   

    9:30 am – 8:00 pm

Amity Cottage & Redwood Amphitheater,  Ben Lomond

Redwood Amphitheater-2

Join us a for a day and evening of writing, soul renewal, and connection with the earth.  We will discover the authentic voices, writerly themes and poetry within us, fed by the natural world.  


I offer this retreat as a path of hope and vitality, as together we face the ongoing heartbreak of these times as a community of writing and spirit.


The Earth and her creatures will be our companion, witness and guide. We  will emerge with pages of writing, newly connected with our most authentic, needed and transformative selves.

This retreat is appropriate for new and experienced writers. 


IMG_2268Cost & Meals:  $185    Vegetarian dinner included, with refreshments & healthy snacks all day long. Please bring brown bag lunch. 


Registration:  To enroll, send an email to Carolyn.





Redwood Amphitheater“Carolyn honors that which cannot be taken away or destroyed.  She honors every aspect of your story which wants to be told, every aspect which may be buried or hidden under the ashes of fear or the heaviness of the past.”  — Laurel deGrassi, Santa Cruz, CA


“My retreats with Carolyn, including the writing and the consciousness she facilitates, connect me with myself, others, the land and the Spirits in a way that is rare and beautiful.”  — Judy Tsafrir, M.D., Boston, MA


“Carolyn combines a passion for the craft of writing with the sympathetic ear of a bartender and the soulful insight of a shaman.”  — Mary Camille Thomas, Santa Cruz, CA


“Carolyn’s skill of generating an explorative and creative space for each individual and the group allowed for an awesome and heartfelt experience.” — Barbara, Santa Cruz, CA