Spring Retreat 2018








 Stillness and Listening in the Natural World


Saturday, April 28, 2018   9:30 am – 8:00 pm

Amity Cottage & Redwood Amphitheater,  Ben Lomond, CA


During this moment in history, when political and social worlds are fractured, our path will be stillness, inner listening & writing from our deepest core.

We will spend the day writing surrounded by a beautiful grove of ancient redwoods. Using language and the natural world as a path of discovery, we will allow ourselves to encounter new and unexpected voices, providing fresh insight for our lives and our creative paths.

At its best, writing leads into both inner and outer landscapes.  When we turn our deep attention to the natural world, we find we are drawn away from stale, repetitive thought, and towards interaction with the amazing world and living birds, animals and creatures around us.  At the same time, we are also drawn inward, to our most authentic and transformative selves. The retreat is open to women, men and all gender identities, and is appropriate for both new and experienced writers.

Cost, Meals & Registration:  $185    Vegetarian dinner included, with refreshments & healthy snacks all day long. Please bring brown bag lunch.  To enroll, send an email to Carolyn.

“Carolyn combines a passion for the craft of writing with the sympathetic ear of a bartender and the soulful insight of a shaman. Add her attention to detail, talent for organization, gift for creating community along with a ready laugh, and you have a potent combination!”  Mary Camille Thomas, Santa Cruz, CA

Redwood Amphitheater

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