“I have worked with Carolyn for many years and have often wondered how she works the magic that makes her writing groups and retreats so beloved by the people who participate. She herself is a thoughtful, luminous writer, but of course there’s more to it than that. She combines a passion for the craft of writing with the sympathetic ear of a bartender and the soulful insight of a shaman, in a way that makes her a powerful guide. Add her attention to detail, talent for organization, gift for creating community along with a ready laugh, and you have a potent combination!”  Mary Camille Thomas, Santa Cruz, CA

“A writing retreat with Carolyn Brigit Flynn is the perfect antidote for perpetual procrastination of any writing project.  Our beautiful setting in a lovely wooded area combined with a lovely writing community of warm hearted and talented women made for a fun, inspiring and productive week.  The meals were fabulous home-cooked creations and the evening fireside sharing were true nourishment for the body and soul.  Carolyn is a gifted writer and facilitator whose depth of insight and wisdom provides a safe and sacred space for each one to find her voice and express her truth.”   –Sarojani Rohan, Santa Cruz, CA

“What do you do at a women’s writing retreat?  You eat healthy food, drink coffee or tea, get dressed however you want, swim with or without tight things which hide your sexy body, sit by a campfire reading your stories.  BUT, there is something very sublime without which the whole gathering would remain more ordinary. And this is a person of such dignity, integrity and compassion that a sacred circle forms naturally around her. When Carolyn comes walking by with smoking sage, she praises your being without words. When she reads poetry, the skies open and words become stars and the day begins to glow with her excitement and ideas. Carolyn honors that which cannot be taken away or destroyed.  She honors every aspect of your story which wants to be told, every aspect which may be buried or hidden under the ashes of fear or the heaviness of the past. As a 70-year-old novice, I felt acknowledged, safe and heard. I knew I was in a place which  I have been seeking for a long while.”  Laurel deGrassi, Santa Cruz, CA’

“I travelled to Ireland with Carolyn in September of 2016 on a writing retreat combined with visiting sacred sites as a present to myself for my 60th birthday. It was the perfect gift; a deeply moving and soulful journey to magical and gorgeous places. But it was not just the travel adventure that was so wonderful, but I also loved and resonated with the women who are drawn to her. I joined her again for another writing retreat in the redwoods in August of 2017, and again it was a heart opening experience. My retreats with her, including the writing and the consciousness she facilitates, connect me with myself, others, the land and the Spirits in a way that is quite rare and beautiful. Being with Carolyn and the community that gathers around her is inspirational and profound. I highly recommend it.”  Judy Tsafrir, MD, Boston, MA

“Inspiring, knowledgeable, kind, professional, an amazing listener, and holder of the circle, Carolyn Brigit Flynn is all of these and more.  For a few years I have participated in her writing groups. Each time we meet, I am more impressed with the beauty and thoughtfulness with which she holds the circle of writers.   This summer I gingerly signed up for her writer’s retreat in Pescadero. I had a few concerns, not having been to a multi-day writer’s retreat, but my concerns were not necessary. Carolyn’s skill of generating an explorative and creative space for each individual and the group allowed for an awesome and heartfelt experience. Some people are just gifted in certain ways, this is truly one of Carolyn’s gifts.”  Barbara, Santa Cruz, CA

“It was a true pleasure to participate in the “Finding Vision, Praising Earth” Retreat. Carolyn picked an ideal location to rest, muse, connect with our earth mother and write.  She “collaborated” with the beautiful natural environment to nurture and encourage the creative process. She gently nudged us to examine areas with attention and to see what we often overlook; and she challenged us to go deeper in order to really explore our voice.  In addition, she brought together a group of writers that inspired each other and enjoyed each other’s company. I loved that there was also time allotted to be in silence, to be with oneself. If you want a retreat in which you will comfortable, inspired and productive I strongly recommend Carolyn Brigit Flynn’s writing retreat.”  –Linda Serrato, Chico, CA