An Inspiring Evening of Poetry


The Poetry of Nature, Jubilation and the Soul

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 7:00 pm

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Louden Nelson Center

301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Suggested Donation $10

A Benefit for the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County

Carolyn Brigit Flynn
Kate Aver Avraham
Linda Holiday
Carolyn Davis Rudolph
Marcy Alancraig
Mary Camille Thomas
Jean Mahoney
Sarojani Rohan (with Irish Whistle)


Santa Cruz Group
CAROLYN BRIGIT FLYNN is a poet and writer dedicated to language as a pathway to soul and spirit. Her collection, Communion: In Praise of the Sacred Earth, is her offering of love poems to the sacred essence of the Earth, addressed in the poems as Beloved. She is the editor of Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories by Women, and The New Story: Creation Myths for Our Times. Her poems and essays have appeared in literary journals and anthologies nationwide. She teaches writing groups and retreats in Santa Cruz, California and in Ireland.

KATE AVER AVRAHAM is a children’s author, poet and storyteller. Her poetry has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Nimrod International Journal and Sisters Singing. Her collection Perhaps the Truth Is Also Blue won the 2011 Poetry Chapbook award from In Celebration of the Muse. Her children’s book What Will You Be, Sara Mee? was published in 2010. Through nature and poetry, Kate was able to return to the light from the darkest times in her life. She is the founder of Blue Moon Creations, a non-profit organization contributing to artistic and environmental causes. She is a native Santa Cruzan living in the house she grew up in by the sea.

LINDA HOLIDAY is the author of Journey to the Heart of Aikido, an internationally acclaimed book of Aikido’s spiritual philosophy which emphasizes principles of love, interconnectedness and reverence for nature. Linda is head instructor of Aikido of Santa Cruz and also leads seminars in the US and Europe.  She holds a Masters Degree in East Asian Studies from Stanford University and a 6th degree black belt from the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo.  Linda started to write poetry when her son was born, 24 years ago, and has been inspired by the mountains of California and by spiritual pilgrimages to sacred places.  Two of her poems appear in Sisters Singing.  

CAROLYN DAVIS RUDOLPH is a passionate supporter of sustainable farming and an advocate for access to healthy food & the fair treatment of farm workers. As an educator for 25 years, teaching students how to cook real food always made it’s way into her curriculum. Carolyn and her husband now own the restaurant Charlie Hong Kong in Santa Cruz, where she is living her life’s dream to feed people healthy affordable food. Whether standing in a field of organic chard or on stage, her passion is to act as witness. She has performed her monologues onstage, and her poems and writings have appeared in Sisters Singing and The New Story: Creation Myths for Our Times.

MARCY ALANCRAIG is a novelist and literature teacher who first began hearing the voices of the natural world as a child. Her first novel, A Woman of Heart, was published by Mazo Publications in 2011. Her work concerns the interaction between humans, the ancestors, and plants and animals.   At first she dismissed the voices of the natural world as pure imagination, but she now takes them seriously and crafts her fiction from them.   She lives amid the trees in Santa Cruz, California where she writes and teaches in the English Department at Cabrillo College. 

MARY CAMILLE THOMAS is a native of Santa Cruz who considers herself lucky to have returned after several years living in Davis, Germany, Los Angeles, Holland, and on the road in a motorhome.  A cradle Catholic, she dips her cup into the spiritual life wherever she finds it, whether in a Benedictine monastery on a Big Sur mountaintop or in an Ohlone sweat lodge, whether reading St. Theresa of Avila or Rumi. Mary is a librarian by profession, but she has wanted to be a writer almost from the time she learned how to read. She has written two novels, a fairy tale, and is working on a collection of poems of the spirit.

JEAN MAHONEY is a master gardener, award-winning teacher, environmental educator, writer and poet.  As a sixth grade teacher for 25 years, she brought her students outside to restore local creeks, to learn about the ocean through study of the Monterey Bay, and to attend Outdoor School in the mountains.  She is now a trainer in the growing fields of environmental education and community gardens.  Her poetry has appeared in school journals and Sisters Singing.  She is now writing the San Francisco history of her Irish-American family.

 SAROJANI ROHAN Starting to write poetry at 14 after the earth shattering experiences of falling in love AND reading Herman Hesse’s “Siddhartha”, she continues to be amazed at what emerges when facing white paper with pen. She taught young children for 30 years up at Mount Madonna School which gave her ample enough reason to take to the mountain trails with them every day. Sarojani formed and plays in the Celtic band, Innisfree,  to keep alive the connection she felt to the Irish soil the moment she stepped off the plane in Ireland in 2004. She is a contributing poet to Sisters Singing and is currently writing a memoir.