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with Carolyn Brigit Flynn
September 8 - 19, 2024​



SOLAS BHRIDE  Solas Bhride is a Centre for Celtic Spirituality in the spirit of Brigid of Kildare. Mary Minihen, Phil O'Shea and Rita Minihen are the founders of Solas Bhride (which means "Brigit's Flame"), and have personally guided our groups since 2002. They have inspired and taught us by their bright example, and their gentle, focused way of carrying the divine feminine in our modern world. Their newly opened, beautiful eco-retreat center provides a place of welcome, tranquillity and peace.  They share and celebrate the story of Brigit in a life-giving, creative and challenging way, and facilitate pilgrimages to Brigit’s sites. Their goal is to create an environment where right relationship with self, others, the cosmos and the divine is nurtured, providing opportunities for people to deepen their spirituality with reflection, prayer, ritual, spiritual accompaniment, education, environmental awareness and culture.

CARINA MCNALLY is a writer, storyteller, and guide who is native to the Beara Peninsula. Her energetic, funny and historically rich perspective, as well as her intimate and lifelong connection to Beara's folktales and sacred places, opens up this stunning part of Ireland in a fresh, new way. Carina first joined us in 2019, and everyone loved her. She is passionate about the layers of history woven into the Beara landscape, and deeply appreciative of the magnificent environment that surrounds her. Her interests include the sustainability and protection of life in rural Ireland.

GERARD CLARKE has been our Boyne Valley Guide since 2002.  He is universally loved by our participants, who often say they feel that he represents Ireland itself.  He is an ecologist and history/archaeology guide who has worked at Newgrange and as the Head Guide at the Hill of Tara. He works with students and local communities to promote awareness and care for the earth, and to develop and return a tree culture in Ireland. He is from County Mayo, and has worked in Europe and North America and briefly in Asia.  More on Gerard and his FOREWORD to Sacred Stone, Sacred Water, which emerged from Carolyn's 2016 Ireland retreat and tour.   


Newgrange & Bru na Boinne World Heritage Centre


Mythical Ireland

Hill of Tara

Brigid 1500 Celebrating Brigid of Ireland

Kildare Town & Heritage Center


Beara Peninsula and Beara Tourism

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