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Landscape of Soul & Story


with Carolyn Brigit Flynn


Full Testimonials   

“The decision to take the trip to Ireland in 2016 with Carolyn Brigit Flynn was an opportunity to visit the land of my ancestors.   It is a journey that I am still on. Lingering with me are the experiences and locations that Carolyn so carefully chose so that each pilgrim could learn, reflect, and appreciate the people and landscapes of Ireland. Carolyn was an encouraging guide to each writer and artist, and from the first moment, she made space for the traveling band to become a mutually supportive group.  Lively conversations, good food, new adventures...go if you can!”

--Janis O’Driscoll, Santa Cruz, CA

"A thoughtfully crafted tour of Ireland with Carolyn Brigit Flynn and a group of women writers and artists was my 60th birthday present to myself. What a magical gift it was! We journeyed through stunningly beautiful landscapes and made pilgrimages to ancient sacred sites. Expert guides greatly enhanced my appreciation of the places we visited. One of my favorite parts of the trip was the regular writing circles led by Carolyn which created a unique group experience and allowed us to get to know one another in a deep and moving way. This was not your average tourist experience. It was a journey filled with deep beauty, soulfulness and connection, both to Ireland and to each other. I highly recommend it. "

  --Judy Suzanne Reis Tsafrir, MD, Newtown Center, Massachusetts


“In 2002 I traveled to Ireland to join a group of women artists and writers who would spend the next couple of weeks traveling around Ireland writing at many of its ancient sacred sites under the tender, wise direction of Carolyn Brigit Flynn. What a deeply spiritual, transformative experience it was. The alchemy that exuded from the land and the beautiful poetic soul of our leader provided the perfect ambiance for a deeper listening to and expression of my most authentic soul voice. My sister companions on this journey and the beautiful people we met along the way were priceless.  If you possibly can…just do it!  It’s a memory/memoir maker of the Highest Order!”

-- Mary Orlando, Phoenix, Arizona


“Leaning into the ancient stones awakened and soothed something in my heart. Listening to what the stones whispered revealed stories .... Traveling with Carolyn Brigit Flynn is a completely magical experience... then add the Mystery of deep green rolling hills, underground passages and deep dives of sharing writing—- this all created an experience I am still talking about 15 years later!”     

--Marci Graham, Lakeport, CA

"In 2016, I toured Ireland on a writing retreat organized and led by Carolyn Brigit Flynn.  I am not a 'writer,' but I wanted to engage in deliberate self exploration, and this combination of writing surrounded by the beauty of Ireland seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Carolyn’s skilled facilitation of writing sessions helped me to open and fully explore my voice using this new medium. I was completely supported by her and the women in the group and I grew from their thoughtful feedback and sharing. Carolyn’s knowledge of Ireland and its history, as well as the amazing places we visited and great guides she lined up for us, made this a spectacular trip!"

--Suzanne Daub, Philadelphia, PA


"Our tour of sacred sites with Carolyn Brigit Flynn and her wonderful Irish guides exploring the magic and myth of Ireland's beauties was a deeply spiritual and transformative experience. So was being in traditional Irish pubs, and the writing sessions led by Carolyn exploring the inner landscape as we experienced the soil and soul of an ancient and wondrous land."    

--Sarojani Rohan, Watsonville, CA

"If you haven't yet been to Ireland, this is the tour for you! A wonderful balance of travel, learning from expert guides, walking at sacred sites, and soul-stirring reflection. And if you have been to Ireland, as I had, the sacred sites you visit will open up the landscape in a new way. The tour with Carolyn and 13 intrepid writers and artists in 2016 was life-changing for me. My connection with ancestors and the spirits of the land, and my writing, deepened. Heed the call and go!"  

-- June BlueSpruce, Seattle, WA

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