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An excellent gift for friends and family

Women Writers and Artists Encounter Ireland

Edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn

Designed by Janis O'Driscoll

An elegant and intimate collection of writing, art and photography evoking Ireland’s wild beauty and deep soul through the work of 14 American women writers and artists.


Their journey in September 2016 included world-famous Newgrange and ancient monastic sites in the Boyne Valley, where they experienced the rising sun enter the 5,000-year-old passage mound at Lough Crew.  


In the scenic southwest, they traveled the world-renowned Healy Pass and the Beara Peninsula. They completed their journey with an immersion of the spiritual legacy of the goddess/saint Brigit, at her ancient monastic site, sacred wells, and Solas Bhride in Kildare.

CONTRIBUTORS include award-winning writers, poets, photographers and artists with backgrounds as medical doctors, healers, psychotherapists, musicians, shamans, teachers, social workers, and international women’s activists. They include: Editor Carolyn Brigit Flynn, Designer Janis O’Driscoll, Ursi Barshi, June BlueSpruce, Jennifer Comeau, Suzanne Daub, Sandy Dempsey, Anne Fitzgerald, Nora Jamieson,  Jean Mahoney, Linda Serrato, Judy Tsafrir, Sarojani Rohan and Jessica Webb. Contributors are from California, Washington, Oregon, Maine, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.




“Beautifully woven in image and word, this cornucopia is surely a jewel in the crown of Tír Ghrá (an ancient Irish phrase which means “love of land”) literature. Booklover, read aloud to taste and hear the fulsomeness, the music and richness of these deep, passionate experiences! I fully endorse this book, and every seeker of holiness, love and wholesomeness will delight in it.”

 - NÓIRÍN NÍ RIAIN, Irish musician, spiritual teacher & author of Listen with the Ear of the Heart

“This delicious and thoughtful book is almost as good as going to Ireland yourself.  Through the eyes of insightful women traveling together, you’ll feel as if you are with them in a stone chamber as the autumn equinox light enters it, or visiting the sacred well of Brigid, or tramping along the green, rain-soaked hills. A must-read."

 - MARY DINGEE FILMORE, author of An Address in Amsterdam

“Sacred Stone, Sacred Water is a blessing, offering undeniable beauty and magic. The earth, sky, light, river and stones speak their holy language through the words and images of these wise and gifted women who made a pilgrimage to Ireland to know the Old Ones in this life.”

- DEENA METZGER, author of La Vieja and A Rain of Night Birds

 “A gorgeous book...From meeting modern stone diviners, to finding the hag-godess Cailleach, to tromps across wet moss to greet old stones, Sacred Stone, Sacred Water is a document of a life-altering journey.  It reveals the beautiful mystery of an ancient tradition, and the power of ancestral land in sourcing what's essential now.” 

 - SONYA LEA, author of Wondering Who You Are

Apr 13 reading photos

PHOTOS AND VIDEO from our Santa Cruz Book Release Reading & Celebration

Sat, April 13, 2019, 7pm, Pacific Cultural Center

 (Clockwise from top left)  Carolyn Brigit Flynn, Celtic Band Innisfree, Sarojani Rohan, June BlueSpruce, Carolyn Brigit Flynn, Marilyn DuHamel (reading for Linda Serrato), Jean Mahoney, Ursi Barshi & Janis O'Driscoll.

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Sample Pages & Poems

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Two Poems From


On This Morning


Dance with the trees, old hag

Go back to the days

Before you were young

Before there was salt in the sea

Before the architect threw down the gauntlet

Before your tears turned to shards

Of impiety


On this morning the sun rose

For you and you and you

And everyone sung her own beatitudes:

    blessed be the women who climbed this hill

    blessed be the mist that welcomed the sun

    blessed be the dog, Diego of Loughcrew who circled

    the mound without wonder—but with delight

    blessed be the skirted man in green with his

    tribute horn

    blessed be our guide, his feet made of irish soil

    blessed be all the bare feet who have trod

    this cold green earth that is their home

    blessed be all that entered the womb of the 

    goddess on this day, 22nd of September, 2016


So dance, old hag,

Today you have no age rings

Today you have no grieving bones

Today the fire of the equinox

Flows through your veins

Let the beat of the drums

Pulse through you

As the wind pushes the trees

To reveal a holy rhythm

Let the songs of the mounds 

Lift you—and all of us          

To shimmering skies 


-Linda Serrato

The Gas Station

And then there was the corner gas station,

where we stopped for a wee break.

The station sign was Gaelic,

and everywhere we turned,

green fields, the scent of Ireland, and everything

had another life, another language.

As if we had stepped into a slight bend

in the story we tell ourselves,

we fourteen women standing outside

in line for the little stall. All around,

Irish voices floated in ancient song

blessing us and the grasses.

The corner station was lit somehow,

with a drench of the Otherworld,

except we were the Other—

they were Home. It was we who abided

in a strange, separate existence.

Inside, the tall man at the counter

gave directions in an ancient brogue.

But where we were headed,

he could only point the way.

It was up to us to find it.

The sun peaked gray

and silver through the clouds.

–Carolyn Brigit Flynn

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