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Advance Praise for Sacred Stone, Sacred Water

 “Beautifully woven in image and word, this cornucopia is surely a jewel in the crown of Tír Ghrá (an ancient Irish phrase which means “love of land”) literature. Booklover, read aloud to taste and hear the fulsomeness, the music and richness of these deep, passionate experiences! I fully endorse this book, and every seeker of holiness, love and wholesomeness will delight in it.”

    - Nóirín Ní Riain, Irish musician, spiritual teacher & author of Listen with the Ear of the Heart

Sacred Stone, Sacred Water is a blessing, offering undeniable beauty and magic. The earth, sky, light, river and stones speak their holy language through the words and images of these wise and gifted women who made a pilgrimage to Ireland to know the Old Ones in this life.”

           -Deena Metzger, author of A Rain of Night Birds and Writing For Your Life

“This delicious and thoughtful book is almost as good as going to Ireland yourself.  Through the eyes of insightful women traveling together, you’ll feel as if you are with them in a stone chamber as the autumn equinox light enters it, or visiting the sacred well of Brigid, or tramping along the green, rain-soaked hills.   A must-read."

                  - Mary Dingee Filmore, author of An Address in Amsterdam

 “In this stunning collection, we are offered pilgrimage in its most generous sense. We are given joy in the familiar and the strange. We are given grief in the dark night of the soul and the potent glare of truth. We are given the vast breadth of centuries and the intimate essence of moments.  This is the home ground of the heart, and the wending ways of body and spirit.”

                                   --Regina O'Melveny, author of The Book of Madness and Cures

"Sacred Stone, Sacred Water is both striking and stimulating…Reading it now I see that I owe a debt to these Americans who came to discover Ireland but in their own way they have made me look at Ireland through New World eyes…shoulder to shoulder, with ancient eyes and young thoughts commingled.”   

    --From the Foreword by Gerard Clarke, County Meath, Ireland, Irish Guide & Ecologist


 “A gorgeous book...From meeting modern stone diviners, to finding the hag-godess Cailleach, to tromps across wet moss to greet old stones, Sacred Stone, Sacred Water is a document of a life-altering journey.  It reveals the beautiful mystery of an ancient tradition, and the power of ancestral land in sourcing what's essential now.”

    - Sonya Lea, author of Wondering Who You Are


“These writers and artists sought inspiration, spiritual connection and personal enlightenment by choosing to retreat to Ireland. Sacred Stone, Sacred Water is proof that they found what they were searching for.  This book captures Ireland's haunting beauty and mystical history.  The blessing is that they have shared it with us.  We are grateful.”

                 — Sue Booth-Forbes, Director, Anam Cara Writer's and Artist's Retreat, Eyeries, Ireland

"This deeply soul-filled work is drenched in beauty, longing, memory, and intimacy.  The land, the ancient stones and wells are eloquent with the voices of the ancestors who speak their wisdom to those who listen.” 

     — Patricia Reis, author of Motherlines and Daughters of Saturn


“Carolyn Brigit Flynn has once again assembled a soulful, heart-full feast to savor. Sacred Stone, Sacred Water offers a glimpse into the timeless allure, elemental nature, and enduring enchantment of Ireland’s magical landscape. For an armchair traveler, the Irish descendant, or simply a soulful pilgrim this book offers deep, pure nourishment.”

                 – L.R. Heartsong, author of To Kneel and Kiss the Earth


“Open Sacred Stone, Sacred Water. Enter the mystic voices of carved stone, falling feather, awe-filled chamber, shimmering well, hidden missive, and simmering interwoven bloods. The taste long lingers. The reverberations flood. Blessed be those who sing the secret phrases of the rocks and rivers, rising suns, stone jewelry, and gas stations of blessed ancient mother Ireland.”

                      -Pamela Eakins, author of Tarot of the Spirit

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