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Women Writers and Artists Encounter Ireland

SACRED STONE, SACRED WATER is elegant and intimate collection of writing, art and photography evoking Ireland’s wild beauty and deep soul through the work of 14 American women writers and artists at some of the island’s most eminent sacred sites. Their journey in September 2016 included world-famous Newgrange and ancient monastic sites in the Boyne Valley, where they experienced the rising sun enter the 5,000-year-old passage mound at Lough Crew.  In the scenic southwest, they traveled the world-renowned Healy Pass and the Ring of Beara. They completed their journey with an immersion of the spiritual legacy of the goddess/saint Brigit, at her ancient monastic site, sacred wells, and Solas Bhride in Kildare.


The contributors include award-winning writers, poets, photographers and artists, with backgrounds as medical doctors, healers, psychotherapists, musicians, shamans, teachers, social workers, and international women’s activists. They include: Carolyn Brigit Flynn, Janis O’Driscoll, Nora Jamieson, Linda Serrato, June BlueSpruce, Judy Tsafrir, Anne Fitzgerald, Jean Mahoney, Jennifer Comeau, Suzanne Daub, Sandy Dempsey, Sarojani Rohan, Jessica Webb, and Ursi Barshi.   Contributors are from California, Washington, Oregon, Maine, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  

Sacred Stone
Sacred Stone, Sacred Water -COVER.jpg


In Praise of the Sacred Earth

COMMUNION is Carolyn Brigit Flynn’s offering of love poems to the earth.  The poems invoke the movement from an urban Catholic childhood into an embodied communion with the holy presence of the earth, addressed in these poems as Beloved.  Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours, each poem uses one of Rilke’s lines as its title and springboard. Communion moves through moments of spiritual awakening, longing and disconnection, into a vivid communion with the sacred earth that is resilient and integrated into the rhythms of daily life.    

Carolyn reading from Communion,
Accompanied by musician Shelley Phillips, May 2014


Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry

and Sacred Stories by Women

Edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn

Sisters Singing is a fresh, vibrant, and intimate exploration of contemporary women’s spiritual lives. With poetry, prayers and stories from more than 130 writers, as well as beautiful artwork and a section of original music notated for voice and instruments. Sisters Singing offers a unique form of intimate connection with the divine that emerges from women of all faiths, a spirituality as it is lived and experienced by women today, in daily life, human relationships, mothering, meditation and prayer, as well as connections with the earth and the ancestors, culminating with prayers for peace and for the world. 

Carolyn reading from Sisters Singing, November 8, 2008


Creation Myths for Our Times

Edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn

The New Story is an offering from a group of thinking women, inviting us to find and live within a new myth to bring a spirit of compassion and healing to the comming era. If we change our story we will change our world.

Sisters Singing
The New Story
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